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Transfer through Western Union 
conveniently by mobile without 
needing to visit a bank

Conveniently receive
Western Union transfers via KakaoBank

Easily receive Western Union transfers using a smartphone 24/7, 365 days a year
Without having to visit an offline WU branch at a traditional bank.

(Excluding system maintenance time: 23:20 ~ 00:10)

Step 1

Acquire transfer details from the sender.
MTCN, full name in English of both the recipient and sender, country sent to, remittance amount
(Collection is only available if the spelling of the full name in English is correct)

Step 2

Press KakaoBank Overseas Remittance Collection menu and enter the remittance details.

Step 3

Press Complete button after entering transfer details, Afterwards, the Western Union transfer collection registration is complete.
The transfer is then deposited to your account in approximately 2 minutes.