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Your very own bank for everyday life.

KakaoBank believes interactions between bank and the customer should be easier and more frequent.It's your own bank that can be reached at any given moment of your everyday life through user-centric, innovative technology. KakaoBank is not just another bank, but a 'reboot of banks'.


DecemberLaunched 'Loan Comparison Service'
DecemberLaunched 'Coupon Buying and Selling Service'
OctoberLaunched 'One Month Savings'
OctoberLaunched 'Used Car Loan'
OctoberEquity investment in Indonesian digital bank 'SuperBank'
SeptemberLaunched 'Credit Card Platform'
JulyLaunched 'Personal Safe Deposit Box Service'
JuneSigning of Business Agreement for Obtaining License for Virtual Bank in Thailand
MayLaunched 'Business Owner Guaranty Loan'
AprilLaunched 'Journal Account'


OctoberDesignated as an identification service agency for the first time as an internet bank
OctoberWon the grand prize at the Pseudonymized Data Utilization Competition for 2 years in a row
SeptemberDeveloped “KakaoBank score”, a credit scoring model based on alternative information
SeptemberAdded Miraeasset securities to securities brokerage account opening service
JulyEnabled account opening with mobile driver's license for the first time as an internet bank
JuneOpened content menu ‘Story’
MarchEstablished ESG committee
MarchAdded Samsung Securities for securities brokerage account opening service
FebruaryLaunched 'Mortgage loan'


NovemberAdded Shinhan Investment for securities brokerage account opening service
NovemberAwarded Grand Prize for Pseudonymized Data Usecase Competition
OctoberLaunched 'mini 26 days Savings'
AugustLaunched 'Mid-credit Plus Loan' and 'Mid-credit Overdraft Loan'
AugustListed on KOSPI
JulyLaunched dormant deposit/insurance fee search service
JulyLaunched KakaoBank Lottecard partnership credit card
JuneAdded application service for Hana Financial Investment Co., Ltd. stock accounts
JuneAdopt new credit rating system
JanuarySelected as 'Best Bank in South Korea' by AsiaMoney


OctoberLaunched 'Sunshine Loan'
OctoberLaunched KakaoBank mini
JulyLaunched 'Banking' service
JuneAdded KB Securities for securities brokerage account opening service
AprilOpened 'KakaoBank Mobile App 2.0'
AprilLaunched 'Partnership Credit Card' Issuance service
MarchLaunched 'AI Based, Automatic Savings for Piggy Bank Savings Account' service
FebruaryIncreased Housing Deposit Loan target to small business owners and launched 'Housing Deposit Loans for Youth'
FebruaryAdded NH Investment & Securities for securities brokerage account opening service


DecemberSelected as 'Best Digital Bank' by AsiaMoney for third consecutive year
DecemberLaunched 'Piggy Bank'
OctoberAwarded the Presidential Commendation in commemoration of the 'Day of Finance', in finance innovation category
OctoberLaunched 'My Credit Information Season 2(Credit Score Raise)'
AugustLaunched 'Mid-Credit Loan'
JulyTwo-year anniversary of KakaoBank launch (Savings & Deposits: 18.6 trillion Won, Loans: 12.0 trillion Won)
JulyExceeded 10 million customers
JulySelected as '2019 Korea’s Outstanding Employer'
MayLaunched 'Saitdol Mid-Credit Loan for SOHO business owners'
AprilLaunched 'Loan Referral' service
MarchLaunched 'Securities Brokerage Account Opening' service
JanuaryLaunched 'WU Fast International Remittance'
JanuaryLaunched 'Saitdol Mid-Credit Loan'


DecemberAwarded 'Voice Fishing Prevention Certificate of Appreciation' for second consecutive year by Financial Supervisory Service
DecemberLaunched 'Group Account' service
NovemberLaunched 'My Credit Information' service
JulyFirst anniversary of KakaoBank launch (Savings & Deposits: 8.6 trillion Won, Loans: 7 trillion Won)
JuneLaunched '26-Week Installment Savings Account'
MarchAwarded 'Best Digital Bank' from AsianBanker
FebruaryNominated as global top 50 innovative company by 'Fast Company'
JanuaryLaunched 'Housing Deposit Loan'
JanuaryExceeded 5 million customers


DecemberNominated 'Free App of the Year' in Apple Store
DecemberAwarded grand prize in Google Play’s '2017 Best of Awards', in Innovative App category
JulyExceeded 1 million customers
JulyKakaoBank commenced business operations
AprilReceived full banking license


JanuaryEstablished Korea Kakao Corp. (to-be KakaoBank)


NovemberPreliminary accreditation for banking

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