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KakaoBank 323410

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As of
Stock information table. Price, intraday high, intraday low, volume.
Price(KRW)Intraday HighIntraday LowVolume
Stock information table.
Previous Close (KRW)
52-weeks High (KRW)
High (KRW)
52-weeks Low (KRW)
Low (KRW)
Par value (KRW)
Total Shares Outstanding
Market Cap (KRW M)
Listing Date
Sellers and buyers table. Top sellers, Volume, Top buyers.
Top sellersVolumeTop buyersVolume

Trade Status

Trade Status table. date, close, change, volume, open, hight, low.
DateClose(KRW)Change(KRW)VolumeOpen(KRW)High(KRW)Low(KRW)Market Cap
Total Shares
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