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Credit Information within KakaoBank

Your credit information,
safe and convenient

Safely managed by a Tier 1
financial company
Your credit score and
details at a glance
Credit adjustment record in
the blink of an eye

Your credit information managed 
by tier 1 financial company, 

Credit service provided by a tier 1 financial company, 
KakaoBank, where you can safely view 
your valuable credit information.

credit card balance
KRW 2,600,000

Conveniently view your 
credit score and details 
using a simple graph

View your credit score at a glance with a straightforward graph. 
Have a look at your monthly trends in comparison to your card use, 
remaining principal portion, and more.

Real-time updates of 
your credit score

Conveniently submit your economic activity record 
and earn bonus points for your credit score.

View credit changes 
right away using the 
notification service

Access changes immediately via the 
notification service and manage your 
credit information.