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KakaoBank Business Owner Debit

Selected benefits tailored
for business owners

Lifestyle spendings

0.3% cashback
for everyday usages

  • All restaurant/bar/cafe/bakery stores1

  • Payment platforms2

    Kakao Pay, Naver Pay, Coupay, PAYCO,
    SmilePay, SK pay, SSG PAY, Baemin pay

  1. 1. The eligible industries are classified according to the KB Kookmin Card merchant industry classification
    standards, and rental stores located in department stores/discount stores/outlets/shopping malls/airports/
    resorts/train stations/food courts and online payment/gift card/prepaid card purchase/recharge transactions are excluded.
    • - Food service industry: General restaurants, Korean cuisine, Western cuisine, Japanese cuisine, Chinese cuisine, snack bars, buffets, fast food, family restaurants, and general bars
    • - Cafe industry: Coffee/beverages shops, bakeries/ice creamery
  2. 2. Limited to online domestic transactions and excludes offline payments (QR, barcode, smartphone NFC etc,)
Business spendings

3% cashback
for essential business operation costs

  • Supermarkets/Business supplies1

    Emart, E-Mart Traders, Homeplus,
    Lotte Mart, Hanaro Mart, Baemin Sanghoe

  • All gas stations/LPG charging stations2

  • Telecommunications3

    SKT, KT, LGU+ cable/wireless
    telecommunication and internet fees

  • Rental/Hygiene4

    Coway, Cuckoo, Chungho, SK Magic, Wells, CESCO

  • All overseas payments5

  1. 1. Excludes online shopping, voucher purchase, in-store shops, SSM(Emart Everyday, Homeplus Express, Lotte Super)
  2. 2. Subjected stores : Gas stations, charging stations
  3. 3. Limited to mobile phone/cable phone/IPTV/internet/bundle product registered automatic card billing. Excludes cases including but not limited to contractual fee payment, monthly payment through branches, and MVNO payment. If KakaoBank cannot be selected during card registration, select 'KB Kookmin Card' than complete KakaoBank debit card registration.
  4. 4. Limited to automatic card biling for monthly subscriptions and rental fees, and excludes PG and certain easy-transfers. Payment registeration must be enrolled personally through each company's customer center
  5. 5. Includes all on/offline overseas transactions

Benefits that
grow with usage

Up to 10,000 won cashback
regardless of previous month usage.

Up to 20,000 won cashback
when using 50 thousand won previous month.

Up to 50,000 won cashback
when using 1 million won previous month.

Cumbersome tax reporting
has never been easier

Every Janauary, May, and July for tax
reporting seasons, KakaoBank debit card history including VAT info is automatically

Special card design exclusive
to business owners

Choose from the Black Card with
customizable letterings, or the Hologram
Ryan Card designs.