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Opening a KakaoBank Securities Brokerage Account

Open a brokerage account
quickly and easily

  • For various securities firms
  • Simple for everyone
  • Hassle-free procedures

Brokerage accounts from various securities firms at KakaoBank

Conveniently open a brokerage account with various securities firms at KakaoBank.

Opening accounts is simple for anyone with a KakaoBank account

With a KakaoBank deposit and savings account, you can easily open a brokerage account of a securities firm.

  • KakaoBank current deposit account
  • Securities brokerage account

Fast and simple;
No need to enter
bothersome details.

Set a password, take a photo of your ID, And just like that, open a brokerage account

  • Set password
  • Take photo of your ID
  • Brokerage account opened
There are additional procedures, including agreeing to terms & conditions and selecting current deposit account.