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Code of Ethics

Abide by the corporate code of ethics and contribute towards financial progress.

KakaoBank contributes towards establishing a sound credit society by cultivating an upright ethical consciousness of directors, officers, and employees through transparent and ethical management, and promotes progress in the financial industry by increasing enterprise values and consumer protection.

Section 1 Fundamental Principles

  1. 1. Good faith and fair transactionsKakaoBank, its executives and employees consider trust and honesty as important values, and faithfully conduct their given tasks based on the principle of good faith.
  2. 2. Fiduciary dutyKakaoBank, its executives and employees take pride as financiers and strive to maintain professionalism. They are faithful to their given tasks to develop the financial industry and promote the continuous growth of the bank.
  3. 3. Observance of the lawKakaoBank, its executives and employees must fully comprehend and adhere to all relevant laws and regulations while conducting their tasks.
  4. 4. Respect for market orderKakaoBank, its executives and employees must respect the order of the free and fair market economy and must strive to maintain it.
  5. 5. Putting customers firstKakaoBank, its executives and employees must think from the customer’s perspective and must strive to provide better financial services to their customers.
  6. 6. Maximizing shareholder valueKakaoBank, its executives and employees must make the utmost effort to maximize the shareholder and stakeholder value through transparent management and practical decision making.

Section 2 Obligations of the Bank

  1. 1. Obligations to customers
    1. KakaoBank must strive to provide customers with satisfactory and reliable financial products and services and to create a new service culture.
    2. KakaoBank must safely store and manage customer assets and information in compliance with the relevant laws and must exercise caution to avoid the invasion of customer privacy.
  2. 2. Obligations to directors, officers, and employees
    1. KakaoBank must strive to provide customers with satisfactory and reliable financial products and services and to create a new service culture.
    2. KakaoBank respects the basic human rights of executives and employees, does not discriminate based on gender, religion, academic affiliation, relationships, or disability, etc., and must fairly assess and adequately compensate according to individual ability and performance.
  3. 3. Management responsibilitiesKakaoBank’s management must strive to establish an upright ethical culture such by providing ethics education to employees.
  4. 4. Win-Win partnerships with subcontractorsKakaoBank pursues a mutually beneficial relationship with subcontractors through fair trade and must not perform unfair conduct by capitalizing on their prominent position.
  5. 5. Exemplary corporate activitiesKakaoBank must be the role model to other companies through fair and legitimate corporate activities and must faithfully undertake their required role and social responsibilities.
  6. 6. Environmental protectionKakaoBank must recognize that protecting the environment is an essential requirement for the sustainable development of future generations and must actively take part in related activities and comply to the relevant laws.
  7. 7. Social contributionsKakaoBank must actively take part in social contribution activities as a socially responsible corporation and must encourage the sound and voluntary participation of executives and employees.