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KakaoBank Flexible Savings

Daily, weekly, monthly
Freely choose your rhythm

Choose your path Without terms or loss

There is no interest loss or discomfort arising from required deposit frequency or payment dates for the KakaoBank Flexible Savings. Manage your deposits conveniently using automatic transfers, and flexibly through additional installments.

Daily, weekly, monthly, choose your own payment cycle

Stable deposit management is possible if you set installment payments to automatic transfer. Small amounts day by day, fixed amounts weekly or on your salary day each month, configure payments and deposit times as you please.

Deposit additional installments whenever you want

Try depositing additional installments whenever you have surplus funds, or when you have unexpected cash. The more principal you have, the more interest you get at maturity.
(A maximum deposit of 3,000,000 won per month for additional installments and automatic transfers is possible for each savings account.)

Feel free to withdraw when in urgent situations using emergency withdrawal.

Emergency withdrawals are available up to 2 times without having to terminate your deposit if you need money in a crunch. Don’t miss out on interest at maturity and keep maintaining your deposit.(Interest is paid at midway termination rates for emergency withdrawals.)

Compounding interest effect through automatic extension

Do you turn to time deposits when your deposits mature? If you use the automatic deposit extension, a higher interest effect relative to deposits can be achieved as the principal and interest amount is redeposited for a new cycle, up to 5 times. (For the interest rate, the rate published at the time of the renewal is applied)