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KakaoBank Business Owner Account

Open account easily without any document submissions

  • Money management at-a-glance

    Boss's Home

  • Account holder name

    Shown with
    trade name

  • Various service fees

    All waived

Make your business management simpler and easier with Business Owner Account

Fast account opening without additional document submissions, and easy business fund management through special screens for busy business owners.

Brush aside financial service fee worries with full exemption

Various fees including transfer, ATM, certificate issuance are all waived to lessen financial costs.

Marking trade
name alongside
account holder name

Safer and easier financial dealings for
inquiries and transactions by marking both
trade and account holder names.

Request trade payment more quickly and easily

Relay the business account number and due amount easily using message cards, and your client can make payment conveniently

Seamlessly convert
a personal account
into a business account.

If you were using personal account for
business purpose, you can easily
convert it into a business account
while keeping the account number and all its history.

Special benefits are packed into
debit cards for our business owners