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KakaoBank Checking Account Complicated account opening
made easy

  • Safe Box,
    A safe within the account
  • Convenient money transfer to a friend
  • Security
    Made stronger

상품 소개

Smart and easy for anyone

Designed to make the account’s variety of information and features
easier and more convenient to use. Transfer with convenience,
view detailed transaction history immediately,
check important details without missing any.

A safe within the account:
Safe Box

Manage your account balance easily without creating several accounts.
If you have extra cash, put it in the Safe Box that provides a competitive rates even if you deposit just for a day.


Transfers made
even easier

No need to fill in myriad details.
Easily transfer money by selecting a KakaoTalk friend instead of
a deposit account number.
Try our straightforward scheduled transfers and multiple transfers.

Design to taste
Benefits for everyone

Choose check card designs of your preference from Kakao Friends character designs to fashionable solid color designs.
Every Kakao Friends check card design may vary, but the same benefits apply.

The ever available bank

Whether it's opening accounts, applying for loans, overseas remittance, or issuing certificates,
try using KakaoBank Mobile App for banking services whenever you need them and without having to visit a bank branch.

※ The customer center is open until 22:00, and 24-hour consultation for reporting lost cards and incidents is available.