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It's simple with the chatbot
Mortgage Loan

The chatbot will help with
each and everystep of the Mortgage Loan

Don't worry about the loan,
All process will be guided till the loan execution.

3 minutes is enough
to view loan cap and rates

Tell the chatbot a few information about the loan
and just like that, you can check the loan cap and rate

Complicated paperwork is
done with a click

No need to make in-person visits to the bank office-
you can subsitute document submission with a simple online certification.
You can film and submit images for documents that
cannot be verified through the certification

KakaoBank partnership
We are with judicial scrivener's office

Judicial scrivener's office partnered with KakaoBank will carryout the establishment of the right to collateral security for the mortagage loan.
Also, we will assign a judicial scrivener's office to help you out with ownership transfer when purchasing a house.

Apply according to your needs from livelihood
stabilization funds to home purchasing funds

  • Home purchasing

    When you need a loan to buy your home

  • Livelihood stabilization fund

    When you need a loan to stablize your daily life

  • Loan repayment

    When you are replacing exisiting mortgage loans with a KakaoBank Loan

  • Deposit returning

    When you are returning jonse deposit to your tenents

Up to 1,000 million won to
Anyone who has a full-time job and
business owners

If you are those with full-time jobs or own a business,
you are eligible upto 1,000 million won loan within the LTV/DTI/DSR range
on apartments in capital area (Seoul/Gyeunggi/Incheon) with KB market value