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KakaoBank Group Account Two, three, or many.
Group account to share
and manage together

  • Group Members
    Up to 100 people
  • Balance Statement
    View in Real-time
  • Making Deposits
    Convenient and Simple

상품 소개

Convert your account
to a group account

No need to go through the trouble of making a separate account to manage group Membership dues.
Change your account into a group account, ready to use at once

Invite KakaoTalk friends
directly to group account

You can select and invite your friends
from a KakaoTalk chatroom all at once.
Even a friend without a KakaoBank account,
can join a group account with ease.

Balance, deposit, and withdrawal status, shared between everyone

Manage fees transparently:
every member can view real-time deposit and withdrawal details without group owners sharing details to each person.

Deposit, withdrawal status
  • Jiyoung Choi Deposit 30,000 won
  • Starbucks Withdrawal -72,000 won
  • Jeongmin Lee Deposit 30,000 won
  • Jiyeon Kim Deposit 30,000 won

Membership dues made
even simpler and more fun

Check the collection status of Membership dues instantly,
and you can request unpaid fees with a fun message card.
Members can deposit their fees, trouble-free

The same convenience
with added safety features

Usability features such as Safe Box, check cards, cashback benefits, etc. remain unchanged, while safety features such as name masking and separate safety account numbers are provided.

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