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KakaoBank Time Deposit Enjoy the fun of
collecting money
with real time interest

상품 소개

Beneficial and
convenient for anyone

Beneficial and convenient for anyone without
complicated sign-ups or preferential conditions.
Only one term deposit will be released.
Manage your deposit effectively by setting the amount and
duration according to your situation.

  • From small
    to large
  • From short
    to long
  • Single type of
    time deposit

Just one time deposit required even for long terms

Maturity can be as short as one month.
Regular deposits are efficient even for very short terms.
From a minimum of 1 month to a maximum of 36 months, apply with a maturation date of your choice.

12Month duration

Tick-tock, tick-tock
A visible interest payment

Interest begins stacking up from the moment you open a time deposit.
You can see with your own eyes how much you'll have at the expiry date.
(However, if the time deposit is terminated midway,
interest payments may vary.)

Expected interest 650.35 won

When you are running low emergency withdrawal is available without deposit termination.

No need to hesitate to apply for a deposit because you may need cash quickly;
emergency withdrawal is available up to 2 times without having to terminate the contract.
(Interest on emergency withdrawal amounts is paid out at midway termination rates.)

Withdrawal request amount 0 won

Automatic extension of
maturity Up to 5 times.

If you’re an expert investor,
manage your lump sum using a new deposit upon maturity of
your initial deposit.
(If automatic extension is selected, the original amount plus
the interest earned are automatically redeposited into a new deposit,
and the new interest rate at the time of the renewal is
applied for the new product.)

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