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KakaoBank Credit Loan A quick and easy credit loan
When you need a lump
sum of money

Prime Loan Mid-Credit Loan Mid-Credit Plus Loan Sunshine Loan

상품 소개

If you have a full-time job, receive loans
up to KRW 250,000,000 won

A loan product for customers who have a full-time job for over 3 months.
Loans up to 250,000,000 won according to credit score and income level.

If you have a full-
time job
KRW 250 million Up to KRW 250

Zero fees no matter how much you repay midway!

Penalty fee when you make repayments?
KakaoBank does not charge any fees such as prepayment penalty even if you repay the entire loan or part of the loan before maturity.
Reduce interest by repaying whenever you have the money.

There is no prepayment penalty even if you made a 3-year contract 0 6 1 year 1y 6m 1y 6m 2 years 2y 6m 3 years (maturity)

No complicated form
Right on your smartphone

There's no need to visit a bank branch or submit complicated documents.
Conveniently replace document submission with certificates.

Loan Procedure Guide
  • 1Step
    View your credit limit/interest rate

    Access your actual credit limit and interest rate.

  • 2Step
    Confirm your employment/income level information

    If you have a certificate on your smartphone or PC,
    documents can submitted just by entering your authentication password.

  • 3Step
    Complete your mobile loan contract

    Confirm the loan amount and other details and then fill in the application form.

  • 4Step
    Loan executed

    The loan is processed immediately once the contract is filled in.