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KakaoBank Piggy BankLittle by little, day by day,
the piggy bank fills up

상품 소개

Small change piles up
in the account's
piggy bank

The piggy bank automatically saves up to 100,000 won
by collecting small change.
Make a piggy bank within the main account.

Automatic collection with the collection mode setting.

Once you create your piggy bank, it saves automatically according to the enabled collection mode.
If you want only loose change collected, select Coin Collection; if you wish to collect according to your deposit and withdrawal pattern, select Automatic Collection.

Take a peek at your savings
whenever you’re curious

Estimate how much you’ve collected through
items that change according to the accumulated amount.
Check the exact amount by slightly dragging the item’s image.

Empty your piggy bank whenever you need

Withdraw your entire savings by emptying your piggy bank whenever you like.
Even after withdrawal, you can continue to use your piggy bank as you always have.