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Friends Card
Together with Kakao Friends

Cash is paid back each month by earning cashback for every transaction,
regardless of card usage and without cashback limits.

Free annual fee Transit pass Overseas transaction

상품 소개

Cashback on every usage,
Double returns on weekends!

0.2% cashback for any amount used on affiliated domestic or foreign stores,
regardless of the past month’s usage and without cashback limits,
and an additional 0.2% on weekends/holidays.
(For ineligible items, refer to ‘Product Guide’ in our Korean website)

basic cashback
+ Weekends &
Public holidays

Free annual fee Deferred payment transit pass and
overseas transaction also available

Freely select whether to use overseas transaction (Master Card)
or deferred payment transit pass when you sign up for your check card.

Free annual

Design to your taste!
Enjoy choosing from fun selections

Choose a design from a variety of cards, from a character design card with Kakao Friends to a luxurious black card of your choice.
Vertical printing for offline use and a smooth curve finish for every touch.

Plate designKakaoBank Friends Check Card upper plateTransparent plate + Name middle plateTransparent plate + Character bottom plateTransparent plate + Magnetic

Keep your card safe
using the ON/OFF feature

When you lose your card, right after an overseas trip, etc.,
whenever you’re worried about a mishap,
configure your card usage your way.