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KakaoBank 26-week Installment Savings A fun 26-week challenge
together with a character

상품 소개

Deposit payment
increases each week,
incrementally by
the subscribed amount.

Deposit payments grow incrementally by the initial subscription
amount for each deposit over a 26-week period using automatic transfer.
Freely select subscription amounts from among
1,000, 2,000, 3,000, 5,000, 10,000 won.

Start in small amounts, and get a sense of achievement from a lump sum amount!

Challenge yourself consistently for 26-weeks,
And feel satisfied by your success after completion.

Even more fun together with Kakao Friends and Niniz!

Deposit together with Kakaofriends and Niniz to avoid being worn out.
Freely select your Character.

While you receive
preferential rates,
maturity will be
right ahead!

Once halfway, and once more at the end.
A 0.50%p p.a. preferential rate is provided
to support your triumph for the 26-week challenge.

26 weeks success +0.3%
7 weeks success +0.2%

Limited edition for 26-week savings with brand partner collaboration

Enjoy 26 weeks of collaborated benefits with limited edition characters.
(brand partner accounts can only be opened during event periods.)